Monday, October 15, 2012

Dream Big

Agh! It's been almost a month since I last posted. Such a huge sin for a starting blogger. :( I was busy watching TV series and job hunting that I neglected what I promised to myself. 

A lot of things happened during my blogging absence. The Anti-Cyber Crime Law took effect but then a TRO was issued, a bunch of trapos and weirdos (but I'm hoping they are outnumbered by "normal" and promising future leaders) filed their candidacy at Comelec, I got hired for a job I practically hated my whole life, got totally addicted to Suburgatory and Glee and made a run through of Gossip Girl Season 4 to catch up (wow! I have to do it faster since Season 6 already began) and I was able to run some important errands for my "future".

Well I don't intend to congest everything in one entry so please be patient with me as I might discuss them on different posts (that will be up tomorrow *crossing fingers*)

It's 2:34 am and this is really an unhealthy schedule for me to blog. But I'm sort of testing myself if I can stand a graveyard shift without falling completely asleep. On the 29th I shall start with my temporary job. I'm guessing you already have an idea what I will be doing and you are right. *Insert sad face* I swore to myself I would never succumb to this trend but I just found myself lining up there with 20 I don't know people from 11:30 AM to freaking 12 MN the following day! I must say though that all the time, starvation and brain drain were all worth it since I got hired.

What I realized though is that a lot of people need job. Don't get me wrong but I think one can easily find a job here in the Philippines, but most of the time, we lack the skills fit for the job. There's a small percentage of high school graduates who are able to go to college. What's more troubling is that not all university students are able to finish their degree either because they lacked the resources or they simply not wanted to pursue. A diploma doesn't guarantee you of landing a good job not unless you utilize it well with your confidence, hard work and networks.

The BPO industry has been really helpful to boost the economy but I'm not wholly convinced with it. I don't know but I really feel uncomfortable with the thought that a few working Filipinos will be stuck taking calls from irate customers who look less at them. Hands down to these people who are able to talk for long hours. Maybe there are also call center employees who are enjoying the job but I just want more for them since they deserve more than that. I could only hope that our economy will recover soon and will be strengthened by exports and local industries depending less on foreign investments (although they are still essential!!!!!!) Okay I'm starting to talk nerd-ish but this is better than being an unconcerned citizen. :) 

I just pray that everything will turn out right and that I will be able to endure my new "job". And also I sincerely hope I can make the blog posts plan happen!

Will hit the sack! Tata for now! :)


Saturday, September 29, 2012


I've been writing since I was young. I wrote a few because I was obliged. During my younger years I've done quite good in academics not until I reached high school and got worse in college (haha!) so I was required to represent my school even though I wasn't the best to begin with. I even looked at writing as something arduous and forceful. I've never found fulfillment when doing so. Not until I came to realize that maybe in this world I'm able to be fearless and quirky - so unlike the real me. I don't have a flawless English grammar. I sought the help of a thesaurus many times and I've lost in several writing contests. FYI, I don't have a degree in Communication. I've been told I'm stupid enough to pull on badly-written sentences. Maybe I just found love in stringing words and talking about things (most of the time nonsensical ideas) because I can become honest and sound smart even for minutes. Okay maybe I'm saying a lot and I'll end up losing potential readers if I won't stop. :)

I decided finally to put up a blog after halfway reading "Tuesdays with Morrie". I've had this book since high school but I haven't finished reading it yet after many failed attempts. Okay I know that's so mediocre! Haha. I'm a self-proclaimed bookworm yet this very embarrassing confession! What's up with that?! Anyway, you might be wondering what's the connection between the plot and my sudden realization. I know it's a bit odd since the story doesn't have anything to do with writing but of a life of Morrie Schwartz - a "Teacher to the Last." Well, Morrie made me think of a lot of important things in life I've overlooked because I've succumbed to culture, to material things, and to everything that's pleasurable. I don't want to be that person who'll say "I wish I was young again" to be able to correct my mistakes. I want to be someone who's looking forward to the future and say "I wish I were seventy years old". Hence, the title. 

I'm young and I'm still lost as to where I want to go and whom I want to be in this life. But I don't want to have a lot of setbacks when I grow old. So, let me take you to my "journey". You may find this blog entertaining when I talk about fashion what-not (Disclaimer: I don't have the capacity to turn this to a fashion blog) or find this boring as I may discuss about politics or the rift between China and PH. But I'll try to achieve my goal of becoming a matured, young woman as the days of blogging goes by. So please bear with my weirdness and together, let's look at the world more positively and enjoy life's pleasures. But for now, I shall take a beauty rest since I'm headed for a busy Sunday tomorrow. So, tata for now! :)